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Promoting A Company At Trade Shows

Promoting a company at trade showsBecause trade shows gather together hundreds or thousands of business people from a single industry at one location, they are one of the great places to market a company’s business. This is even more true when a company is new on the scene. To make a big splash among the industry’s movers and shakers, companies can showcase their new brand to more qualified prospects at a trade show than by most other marketing techniques.


Though online promotions are important, it’s even more important for salespeople to meet potential customers in person. No matter how much technology is involved in marketing a product, the personal connection is what makes the sale.


Yet a company’s mere appearance at a trade show won’t help introduce its products to interested buyers unless it has made its brand known through standout labeling. Though a company may win a sale through educating a prospective customer about the advantages of its product, the prospect will never set foot in the company’s booth without eye-catching labels. Labels that stand out among the crowd draw prospects to sample a company’s wares.


Companies must create a design that creates desire for the its product, otherwise people will walk on by, even if the company’s research indicates that this particular trade show could be a rich source of potential customers. The design should also say volumes about the company brand itself to help the company stand out in a sea of competitors.


First of all, as website creator and media expert Ivana Katz points out, companies should choose a display tablecloth that complements the company’s image and brand. Doing so will make a the brand’s labels pop to attract the attention of trade show attendees. Presentation boards that demonstrate how customers can benefit from the company’s products or services should also bear the brand’s color palette and logo.


Secondly, when a company sets up its display table, employees should put the shortest items and giveaways at the front. They should display taller items at the back of its display. Sales staff should make sure that none of the items are so tall that they get in the way of conversation. Branded promotional merchandise, such as stickers, pens, and t-shirts should also bear the company’s logo and slogans. Products, of course, should have eye-catching labels that sets the company’s brand apart from their competitors.


Companies should create PowerPoint and video presentations as part of their displays. Stunning visuals create buzz around a company’s brand, sending more trade show traffic to its display table. If a company’s budget allows, the sales staff should provide DVDs with the PowerPoint and video presentations to hand out. Of course, these promotional items should come with attractive labels with the company’s name, contact information, and logo featured in a prominent location.


Well before a trade show, companies should promote their appearance at the show on their website and on social media. They can even create a Facebook event that allows potential participants to indicate whether they will come. As the trade show gets closer, they can create more buzz by posting trailers from their video presentations, as well as the promotional merchandise they plan to give away.


Companies should consider having a drawing for a high-end piece of promotional gear, such as a jacket or hoodie. This will create interest in the company at the event itself, and in promotional announcements on social media and elsewhere.


They should also promote the benefits of attending the trade show to their email list as well. Email lists should be double opt-in so that companies do not get in trouble with laws regulating SPAM.


Finally, companies can offer tasty snacks in packages labeled with their logo and contact information. Trade show participants are often hungry. A company’s attentiveness to meeting attendees’ needs can go a long way toward building a relationship of trust.


With attractive labels showcasing a company’s brand and products, trade shows can be a source of new revenue, particularly for new businesses. Companies who want to make their presence known at the next trade show should check out the advantages of promotional labels for their display table merchandise.

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