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The top ten mistakes people make when choosing a printing company


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How To Save Time and Thousands of Dollars in Printing Costs…
Avoid The Top Ten Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Printing Company.


how to save time and thousands of dollars in printing costs


Here are just a few samples of what you will learn in this essential special report, consisting of a series of valuable insider tips …



The techniques that online printing companies use to avail themselves of additional fees from uneducated customers, and specifically what you need to know in order to protect yourself…



What the “rope ’em in” strategy is, and how you can avoid being a victim of this scam…



How cleverly packaged “special deals” can actually prevent you from receiving what you really want, and cost you more than you expect..



How is it that some internet-only printers be so cheaply priced? And is it really what you think it is?…



How those same internet-only printers can give you the line, “we print exactly what you have given us”, and then not take any responsibility when your job is incorrectly printed…



The ice cream mix-in dupe: Why they will steer you away from a custom order that makes your product stand out, towards a vanilla looking print job…


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