4 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Turbocharge Your Business

low cost marketing strategiesYou want the most bang for your marketing buck, right? Turbocharge your business with low-cost marketing strategies that won’t break the bank. Read on to learn about how to put some of our favorites to work for your business. We will delve into marketing on a budget, low cost PPC advertising, and more…

Marketing on a Budget

Marketing is all about identifying your target customers and finding ways to make them aware of your brand, its products, and your industry expertise. You don’t have to hire a pricey marketing agency to be effective. You only need to exercise your creativity. These ideas cost little but have the potential to build awareness, no matter what your industry.

Content Marketing

Displaying your expertise in your field is easier – and cheaper – than ever with the availability of video marketing. Marketing on a budget is certainly achievable this way. YouTube videos cost only the price of production and don’t require you to be a writer. Demo videos that explain how your product works

Simply explain what you do and how your work can make your target customers’ lives happier and more prosperous. If you do write, though, blog posts can reach prospects who prefer to digest information by reading. Alternatively, sketch out a rough outline, and hire a freelance writer to put the finishing touches on it.

Be sure to post links to your blog posts and videos on your social media accounts. Consider building a segmented email list, too, so you can send snippets of the most important information in your posts and a link to the post itself to only the customers who would likely be interested in them.

Advertising on a Budget

One of the most critical – and costly – components of your marketing plan is advertising. Advertising on a budget can be a challenge. However, with an effective strategy, you can both promote your business and pinch pennies at the same time. Here are some low cost marketing strategies that can promote your products to the right people.

Low Cost PPC Advertising

Paid-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most budget-friendly advertising options on the market today. The trick to getting low cost PPC advertising right is to set up conversion tracking so that you can monitor your campaign data.

Conversion tracking allows you to see which ads have driven conversions – and it can also tell you if your audience selection is on target. PPC advertising success rests upon showing your ads to actual prospects, not to people who have no interest in your products. So, although it’s easy to meet the goal of advertising on a budget, it does take some time to track the data to make sure you’re reaching the right people. Low cost PPC advertising is doable, but it does take work.

Sticker Campaigns

Here’s a super way of advertising on a budget that won’t break the bank. Web content, emails, social media, and text messages can build brand awareness when your prospects are online. But what about when you meet them in person?

Trade shows and one-on-one interactions in your office or store are a great opportunity to provide your prospects and current customers with something tangible they can take home with them. Although your small or medium-sized business might not have room in the budget for expensive branded merchandise, you can definitely afford promotional stickers.

With your eye-catching logo, slogan, and contact information, your customers will have something they can stick on their computers (popular with millennials and Gen Zers) or on a refrigerator magnet. That way, when they need what you sell, they can give you a call or email you without having to do a Google search – and risk finding your competitor instead. When it comes to low cost marketing strategies, printing stickers can cost only pennies to get your message out to thousands of people.

Attractive Labeling

Once you get your products into a store or on an ecommerce site online, attractive, informative labels are the one thing that can set your products apart from the rest of the items on the shelves. It pays to find a printer that can advise you on choosing the right labels and the colors, fonts, and imagery that can make your products compete with the big names in your industry.

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we understand that marketing on a budget is not easy. Neither is choosing the right design. We have designers on staff who can help you with artwork creation. Or, if you already have a graphic designer, we can transfer your brand logo and product images onto a label that will catch your customers’ eye. Contact our friendly team to get started!

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