The Importance of Brand Awareness

brand-awarenessCreating brand awareness is not about promoting your products or even about promoting your company. It is about educating potential customers about brand principles and building trust for the brand.

What is brand awareness?

A brand represents a parcel of information that needs to be planted in the mind of  the potential consumer. When they hear of, or see, a brand name or logo, they are immediately reminded of the company, the products, and more importantly of the brand principles.

Is a brand important?

Brand principles are what make up the brand in its entirety. A brand can exist without a logo, and can exist without a name, but, it cannot exist without brand principles.

What is the point of brand awareness and brand principles?

Brand principles are what have taken the place of business reputations. In the good old days, anyone could purchase from a butcher based upon that butcher’s reputation within the community. People could attach principles to business names such as “Farnsworth Butcher is the cleanest” and “Hollingberry butchers has the tenderest cuts.” But, now the world is a bigger place and is far more impersonal, which is why brand principles are needed.

Disseminate brand principles with labels

Labels are a fast and easy solution to promoting brand awareness. For a small outlay from the marketing budget, custom printed labels can provide an exceptional ROI. A presidential candidate does this with labels such as bumper stickers saying, “vote for me for…” with the following text often being their biggest brand principle such as cutting taxes or being tough on crime. The same can be done by printing labels that quote the biggest brand principles. Many companies do this with a tag line, but it’s possible to do this in many ways. Labels of all sorts can have an impact.

Brand principles are more common than we think we know

If thinking of the company “Volvo”,  someone may automatically think about how they produce the safest cars, even though  that same person are not likely to be able to name more than three models of car they have created in the last ten years. Even though Mercedes have created the “Smart” car, which is safer than a Volvo,  that person may still think of safety when thinking of Volvo.

This is because the company has done very well in creating brand awareness. People are aware of their biggest brand principle, and are aware of some of their lesser brand principles such as how they create expensive, luxury and high-class cars. And, such as how they create very large diesel engines for fire trucks and transport vehicles.

Label products with brand principles

The brand principles  is printed may explain  the brand principle, which may also double over as  the biggest selling point. The fact that a Volvo is safe is one of the biggest selling points for some people.

A brand logo is the ambassador

Some people think a brand is made up of its logo, even though a brand does not need a logo to exist. But, if creating a logo, then it may hold power and may act as an ambassador for the brand. When people see it, they are reminded of the brand and what it stands for.  So make sure the company logo reflects what you want to say about the brand.



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