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The Advantages of Shaped Custom Label Printing On Your Products

custom label printing blind melonWhatever type of business that you are running, it’s undoubtedly important to be unique in order to get more people to try  out the business, not only because the business is different, but also because the business is a stand-out. This is not that easy to accomplish, especially when up against tough competition. Aside from making sure that the effort is always the best with products or services that are offered, one must also use the right materials in its packaging and labels. This way, even those who still haven’t tried the product will get intrigued and may be convinced to purchase what is offered  because they were attracted to the manner in which the products were presented. One thing that can help in surpassing such phase is through the use of custom label printing.

Using Custom Shaped Labels  To Stand Out from the Rest

This goal may be easier said than done, especially when the company is quite new in the industry or  only about to launch and introduce a product. Getting the services of the right printing company that can accommodate such request may help in this regard.

For one, veer away from the kinds of labels that are already being used by competitors. Instead, opt for the shaped types, for example, like having labels shaped based on the company’s logo. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone –  the product will look different because its label is unique and every time people see the label, they will be reminded of  the company or business. Each product will then serve as a good advertisement for the other products or services that are offered.

Where to Use Unique Labels

Choose to use the custom shaped labels for all products for all occasions. You can also reserve the gesture for special events like trade launch or when participating at bazaars or get a space at kiosks and the likes. When at events, where getting up close to the target audience,  it’s important  not  to waste any chance to advertise to these people and as much as possible, make them remember who  the company is and what else can they avail from the company.

Aside from the shape, the label must include the basic details that are important, so that people will find it easier to get in touch with the company whenever needed. What are these details?

1. The name of the product. Be careful in naming the products, especially if it is intended to export these in the future. As much as possible, choose the kind of name that does not connote any negative meanings when translated to other languages.

2. Graphics and design. The main theme will revolve around the existing company logo, but a good printing company can help in incorporating other images or colors into the label to ensure you of the best possible outcome.

3. Sizes and weights of the product. These details are needed to be known by the consumers, so make it easy for them to decide if the products are suitable for them.

4. Warranties. The target market needs a sound guarantee that the product is in its best condition and what can be done if they found it to be otherwise.

5. Also include company details, such as its name, address and a list of contact details, including telephone numbers, email address and the company’s official website, if there is one.



I've worked with them twice now for specialty labels and am extremely happy with their level of service and quality. Both times, I was able to pick up in Manhattan and get my prints on-time for my events. Would recommend Michael and the team at Nova to a friend.

Lamar Letts Avatar Lamar Letts
November 21, 2023

We needed a last-minute label for one of our new products, so the turnaround time was quite tight. Nevertheless, Nova Custom Printing did their best to deliver our 500 labels right on time, ensuring the best quality! Michael, the owner of Nova Custom Printing, worked closely with us to ensure everything met our standards. It's definitely my go-to spot for commercial prints when I'm in need. Thank you so much!

Phuong Vo Avatar Phuong Vo
November 16, 2023

Worked with Michael! He was quick to respond and I was on a very tight turn around! He was able to help! Labels came out great and exactly what I ordered.

Neil Ford Avatar Neil Ford
October 30, 2023