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Roll Label Printing

Roll label printingWe print custom roll labels in quantities of 250, 500 or more per roll. Printing of business labels, product labels, embossed foil seals, butt-cut labels, die-cut labels, shipping/address labels, barcode labels, and more. Regardless of what type of label a business requires, they can all be furnished on label rolls, accurately printed at low cost.

Labels On Rolls To Fit Any Specification

Specific sizes are never a problem. Whether for major corporation use, small business mom-and-pop retailers, for custom gifts, with PMS color matches, CMYK, or just black and white, custom roll-labels can be ordered on many different types of materials to fit whatever specifications are needed.

custom roll labelsVinyl Label Rolls

Need customized vinyl, poly, bopp or film material labels? We’ve got you covered with affordable options for product labels, promotional labels, informational labels, bumper stickers, handouts, equipment labels or labels for specific manufacturing use. These rolls of labels cannot be torn as paper labels can be, making them more durable, and resistant to oils and moisture. For outdoor use, these materials are ideal.

Clear Labels

Yes we print white ink on clear, with the labels on rolls for easy application. Removable adhesive, super strong tire adhesive or permanent adhesive options are available. Need the inks to be translucent or opaque? Either possibility is easy for us to custom manufacture, for adhesion on a number of “problem” surfaces.

label rollsDurable Labels

If product is used outdoors or exposed to oils, moisture or other irritants, laminations and varnishes are used to ensure water and oil resistance. The different aforementioned options on glues can be mixed or matched to preference. While custom roll labels should not be submerged in water, that does not mean that it should not hold up outdoors in wintry conditions!

Matte Labels

Prefer a matte look instead of glossy for roll label printing? Nova can print matte paper labels on a roll without any lamination or varnish. On the other hand, we do offer matte lamination or varnish as an option along with the standard gloss lamination or varnish. Matte roll-labels are often used for archiving, and/or to be written on with information such as specific dates or product specifications. We print many matte paper label rolls each week for all types of businesses, including cosmetics.

Foil Labelslabels on rolls

Roll label printing on custom foil needn’t be cost prohibitive. We offer options for embossing, hot stamping, with a raised or indented design that can be felt as well as seen. The finish on these labels can look like a million dollars. If the labels need to be written on, that is also possible, as is sequential numbering.

Writeable Labels

Labels can be written on with a pencil, pen or marker if needed.  Generally this is achieved by ordering matte paper custom roll labels but it is also possible to order other configurations that can still be writable. Please inquire with your salesperson on the different options that can be made available.

Roll-Labels Applied By Machine

Clients that come to us looking for rolls of labels usually inquire because they are using a machine to apply the labels. Since roll-labels can either be applied by hand or by machine, we do provide specific guidelines geared towards matching client’s preferences, based on the machines they are using to apply the labels. Because there are so many different machine applicators, various options exist for matching every type of machine.

In order to properly apply the labels by machine, it is important for us to know the particular specifications of the machine in order for us to manufacture the rolls so that it fits a particular machine perfectly. This is crucial to ensure label compatibility.

While the below options might seem complicated,  once you see pictures of the different options we offer, you will be able to match exactly what you want with the final product we produce.

Below is a simple text explanation of the various options available for machine application of label rolls.

We will need to know the following specifications (Upon request, we can send you the label rolls machine application document with pictures illustrating these options for you to choose from):

  •  Draw/Repeat

Draw or repeat is the exact distance from the top of one label to the top of the next label on the roll. The label length + the gap = otherwise known as the repeat.

(length + gap = draw/repeat)

We can produce rolls of labels that are set up for short draw or longer draw. Short draw is when labels are printed horizontally on the roll. Long to draw is when labels are produced which are portrait style coming off the roll. There are 4 options for each.

  • Vertical vs. horizontal

Vertical copy refers to portrait type setting, where the artwork is shorter horizontally (side to side) and the top to bottom measurement is longer.

Horizontal copy like a landscape setting, sets up the artwork so that it is wider from side to side while the top to bottom measurement is shorter.

  • Copy Position

The copy position, otherwise known as unwind should inform us how the copy should be set up to come off the roll. There are eight different copy positions to choose from.

  • Core Information

There are two standard core sizes for labels on rolls. They are either 1 inch and 3 inch in diameter. Cores must be flush with the edge of the roll. For labels on a roll, it’s always important to also know the core size and the maximum outside diameter, otherwise known as OD (standing for outside diameter) of the roll. It it is possible to request a different core size as well. Remember, everything is customizable.

Looking for specifics on labels for cosmetic products?

Here’s a partial listing of our clients, most of which order custom roll labels as their specific preference…

clients roll labels

We have worked together on a number of projects over the years. They are very trustworthy, reliable and easy to work with. You cannot go wrong with Nova. I highly recommend them!

Mykola Yaremko Avatar Mykola Yaremko
September 21, 2023

Nova printing was great! They turned around a last minute sticker need and they turned out really well. Thanks team!

Molly Ross Avatar Molly Ross
July 31, 2023

Michael was a great help! I contacted at least 10 different businesses for a last-minute sticker request for a shoot. Got us our stickers on time even when other places said it would be impossible. They do great custom cuts on sticker sheets and have great quality prints at a reasonable price. Will be working with Nova again. Very satisfied!

Zain Mehmood Avatar Zain Mehmood
July 18, 2023
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