Promoting Products through Customized Stickers Printing

Customized stickers printing is a tried-and-tested marketing tactic that never goes out of style. Even in this age of technologically-advanced advertisements, many businesses still rely on this inexpensive promotional tool for increasing brand awareness. Apparently, it is not entirely the cost that makes entrepreneurs opt for this route. Stickers have this special attribute which tend to create a lasting impact on any target audience: permanence. As long as they remain pasted on appropriate surfaces, they can successfully send the message to passersby.

Customized Stickers Printing for Product Marketing

How is it possible to use these customized stickers to promote products? As far as marketing goes, the limit of their use depends on the proprietor’s creativity. Innovation is indeed the name of the game. The following are a few ideas for your reference:

  • As customizable tags – Giveaway stickers with business names and logos stamped on them are becoming a common sight to most people, which is why it is difficult to hold their interest for so long. Make sure that the stickers that are given away as freebies are somehow usable by also leaving a blank space in the stickers for writing names and labels. By doing this, people will have actual use for them while being reminded of  the brand at the same time.
  • As coupons – Perk up the way discounts and freebies  are offered to customers by incorporating the use of customized stickers. For example, they can be given a “freebie card” and require them to earn a certain number of stickers in order for them to be eligible of a premium item from the business. This gives customers a reason to come back more often.
  • As raffle entries – Use customized stickers for holding raffles. People who will buy the “specially marked” items—meaning, the products with valid raffle stickers—are those who will be qualified to join. This gives them an incentive to purchase more products from the store. Great for both non-profits and for-profit businesses.
  • As seals for mail and packages – If sending out catalogues and correspondence through post, use customized stickers that bear the business name and logo for sealing envelopes. The same thing can be done with packages that are bound for delivery. Even if they plan to reuse the boxes, customers will become more familiar with the brand through constant exposure.
  • As interesting store decors – If  one can come up with a unique sticker design that helps attract curiosity,  it may be used for decors to entice customers to buy from  the store.

Why Opt for Custom Stickers for Promoting Products?

Regardless of the product, there are plenty of reasons why the business can benefit from using customized stickers. They can be:

  • Cost-effective – These inexpensive labels with sticky backing can go a long way in spreading brand awareness. They come printed in batches so you get more than your money’s worth.
  • Versatile – Unlike business cards and paper bags, customized stickers can be used any way the business desires.
  • Viral – The news about products gets to travel faster than word of mouth when using attention-grabbing stickers.

Customized stickers printing can serve a multitude of needs for business. Just being creative makes the possibilities endless.


I will definitely use this company again. They were good communicators, professional and prompt plus the print job was quality. I also found the paper stock better quality than I was expecting. Highly recommend.

Claire Smith Avatar Claire Smith
May 19, 2023

Managed to do the impossible! Got us our stickers on time even when every other place said it was impossible. They do great custom cuts on sticker sheets and have great quality prints at a reasonable price. Their customer service team is top notch and helped us through placing an order!

Nicholas Gavalas Avatar Nicholas Gavalas
April 17, 2023

Michael and the team at Nova worked so quickly to get us our custom stickers that look amazing! The team is super communicative and they shipped us the product way quicker than we expected - nothing but great surprises from this team!

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April 11, 2023
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