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Tackling the Issues of Offline Promotional Marketing

Offline Promotional MarketingThere are few businesses that can survive by simply marketing online. Luckily, a lot of businesses have given up on offline promotional marketing because it is far more expensive than online marketing. This means there is less competition when advertising offline, and it may be surprising to find that stickers and labels are the best method of offline promotional marketing in many cases.

Advertising a clothing website offline has its advantages

Clothing websites are easily advertised offline because they are often more attractive offline. Full color customized stickers showing a clothing item with “sale” as part of the text is not only eye-catching but effective, and it’s  always going to look better than the same photo on a digital screen, so, any form of label printing is going to suit offline promotion of a clothing website.

Success follows imagination

This great thing about stickers and labels is the fact that they are small parcels of information, and these small parcels of information can be posted anywhere. Place them on products, and also place them on products. Also, hand out promotional stickers in front of the store, or in high traffic areas. The limit to the places Place stickers is only dictated by the imagination.

Marketing SEO services offline is challenging but worth it

SEO services are difficult to sell offline, but this leaves us with a great opportunity. It is so difficult to market SEO services offline that most of thecompetition is not even going to attempt an offline marketing campaign. But, imagine if the advert is in a sticker format. By partnering with clients, one could put promotional stickers onto or into client’s product packages. There are many places to attach stickers where they will be seen by the right people.

Create a high concentration of brand messages

Turn a single waiting room into a room that is highly saturated with the brand message. Place stickers on windows, doors and seating. Put up large stickers as posters, and place stickers on waiting room magazines. With the help of labels and stickers, it’s possible to saturate a small area with the brand and company messages. If the waiting area also has a place to sell items, then make even more money whilst putting branded labels to further use.

Get innovative with designs

Creativity and innovation has a welcome place in offline promotional marketing. For example, if advertising a food restaurant, create stickers with images of the best meals on them and hand them out. Approach dieting classes and ask if it would be possible to produce their healthy eating charts. The custom printed labels at the bottom will create brand awareness, and help to sell your food products, especially since the people using the charts are likely to be thinking about food when they see the labels.
Bottom line is that if you are a small business promoting offline, labels and stickers are a low-cost, effective form of advertising and selling product.



I've worked with them twice now for specialty labels and am extremely happy with their level of service and quality. Both times, I was able to pick up in Manhattan and get my prints on-time for my events. Would recommend Michael and the team at Nova to a friend.

Lamar Letts Avatar Lamar Letts
November 21, 2023

We needed a last-minute label for one of our new products, so the turnaround time was quite tight. Nevertheless, Nova Custom Printing did their best to deliver our 500 labels right on time, ensuring the best quality! Michael, the owner of Nova Custom Printing, worked closely with us to ensure everything met our standards. It's definitely my go-to spot for commercial prints when I'm in need. Thank you so much!

Phuong Vo Avatar Phuong Vo
November 16, 2023

Worked with Michael! He was quick to respond and I was on a very tight turn around! He was able to help! Labels came out great and exactly what I ordered.

Neil Ford Avatar Neil Ford
October 30, 2023