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Low Cost Heating Company Marketing Ideas

heating-company-marketingWhat is the first thing most homeowners check when the heater stops working on the coldest day of the year? The furnace or heat pump, of course. If the company who installed that appliance had the sense to attach a custom printed sticker to it, chances are, they will be the first one the homeowner will call in the event that their troubleshooting fails. That sticker didn’t even cost a quarter—yet it can boost your marketing efforts every time those homeowners need heating service.

If there is no contact information on the furnace or heat pump, the next place homeowners usually look is the phone book. Just think of the advantage a heating company would have if there were already a sticker attached to that homeowner’s phone book!

It is hard for home repair companies to compete for homeowners’ business. The many listings in the Yellow Pages become blurred after a while—and it is difficult for homeowners to remember just who installed the broken appliance if a sticker with the company’s number is not attached to the device. As a result, they may end up calling another company, who not only fixes the device but bad-mouths your company in the process—the opposite of the word-of-mouth advertising upon which business often depends.

The heating company, though, can have the upper hand in gaining more homeowners’ business if following a few simple suggestions for attracting more business with the creative use of sticker advertising in heating company marketing.

Why leave advertising to word-of-mouth and to chance when there is a low-cost marketing method to ensure the company a chance to repair the worn-out heating appliance? Place sticker printed stickers containing contact information on every major appliance that the company services, and watch the business roll in.

Use Custom Made Stickers to Make The Brand a Standout

Stickers are extremely low in cost, and can even include the website, particularly useful if online scheduling is a possibility. They can cement the brand in the homeowner’s mind, with a slick logo and a memorable phrase that can remind them of the company every time they glance at the appliance.

For example, one company, whose name was “Goal Heating and Cooling,” printed their slogan, “Achieve A Energy Conservation Goal With Us,” on their sticker. When customers look at their heating bills during the winter, or conversely, their cooling bills during the summer, you can bet that Goal Heating and Cooling will get the first chance to price a new, energy-efficient system for those homeowners.

Having a design that is attractive and that blends with the colors and design of the appliance is also of great importance, particularly with high-end clients to whom appearance is important. Although stickers are one of the lowest-priced advertising methods a company can use, stickers will do no good if the customers scrape them off because they look tacky—or do not blend in seamlessly with the device’s appearance. If the sticker looks like it belongs on the appliance—chances are—it will stay. A premium label printing company can design the perfect sticker for the appliances that are sold and serviced with a winning design to make your brand a standout.

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