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Label Printing Design: The WOW Factor

label-printing-designWhen it comes to label printing design, if one wants to create a great design, carefully consider every single aspect of the label. After all, the labels that really make someone say “wow” are not made without very careful consideration. The following guide includes advice and tips to help create a label that stands out from the crowd and gets noticed.

Custom Label Printing Design Shape & Size

It’s not just what’s on the label that matters, but the size and shape of the label itself. Naturally we have plenty of choice when it comes to the size, but what about the shape? With our die-cut labels  it is possible to choose practically any label shape that is desired – this is a great option if wanting originality or have an unusually shaped product.

Coloring & Graphics

It is a common mistake to add loads of different colors to a label. it is not needed to include lots of bright colors to get labels noticed, and often it is a more limited and tasteful combination of colors that works best. Always remember that if wanting the colors to match with the packaging/product and with the wider company/brand. Remember our articles on the importance of small business marketing and label branding strategies. Carefully choose what part of the label needs that “wow” factor. Too much will look over the top and cheesy. After all, we don’t write our emails in all caps, do we?

Fonts & Readability

This is one of the most difficult parts of custom label printing design because there are so many different choices available. There are no steadfast rules here, but it is generally best to not use more than three different fonts. You can achieve a nicely balanced label by using bold typeface for titles and headers and standard typeface for the informational copy.

Label Variations

Have a number of different products?   Then we are probably going to want different labels for each of them, but there is no need to create a completely different label for each product. The best method is to have a strong primary label printing design that is used for every label, but have smaller elements that are different for each product – such as the background color, product title and description. Most of the label should stay the same, as this way the products and the brand can be recognized instantly.

Company Information

Product labels should communicate well from a distance, and give more information when the customer comes in for a closer look. Contact information is obviously important but it is often overlooked, so don’t forget it! Direct the reader to the website, and if there is space, provide the customer with a little information about the company.

Design in Stages

We recommend designing labels in a number of stages. In the early stages,  don’t be afraid to let  creativity run free and try out fun ideas. Do lots of planning and drafts and see where your creativity takes you. In the later stages, think critically about what works and what doesn’t.


While there are no specific rules to creating well-designed labels, there are plenty of things to avoid.

The key to creating a label with a “wow” factor is having a strong foundation and making one or two elements of the label standout. If it looks like too much, it probably is. This is where having an internal “cheese meter” can help. If in doubt, pull back. And don’t be afraid to ask others what they think. Keep in mind, less is always more when it comes to label printing design.


We have worked together on a number of projects over the years. They are very trustworthy, reliable and easy to work with. You cannot go wrong with Nova. I highly recommend them!

Mykola Yaremko Avatar Mykola Yaremko
September 21, 2023

Nova printing was great! They turned around a last minute sticker need and they turned out really well. Thanks team!

Molly Ross Avatar Molly Ross
July 31, 2023

Michael was a great help! I contacted at least 10 different businesses for a last-minute sticker request for a shoot. Got us our stickers on time even when other places said it would be impossible. They do great custom cuts on sticker sheets and have great quality prints at a reasonable price. Will be working with Nova again. Very satisfied!

Zain Mehmood Avatar Zain Mehmood
July 18, 2023
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