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Top 10 Design Tips for Effective Storefront Signs That Sell

storefront signsWant to draw more customers into your business? Effective storefront signs can catch their eye and make them curious about the business. Here are ten quick tips that can make storefront signs stand out from those of all competitors.

1x. Display The Brand Logo Prominently On Signs

Having an attractive and catchy brand logo that captures the essence of products and your company vibe is probably the quickest way to create an image in potential customers’ minds. Think of the major brands, and you’ll likely envision that thirst-quenching red-and-white Coke logo or Nike’s trademark swoosh, and you can almost imagine a cold Coke in your hand, watching a game-winning slam-dunk.

Marketing is all about touching the heartstrings, so it’s well worth the time and money spent to create and display a logo using the techniques of emotional marketing to create effective storefront signs. If working with a printing company, there’s a good chance that they have a designer on their staff who can help create and display an eye-catching logo that will draw customers to your business.

2x. Choose a Color Scheme That Complements The Signage

Once you have a vibrant storefront sign featuring the new logo, make sure that the building complements the colors on the sign. Paint’s an easy fix, and it can make storefront signs stand out more.

Conversely, you can plan your logo and signage around the existing building. Just make sure that the signage harmonizes with the environment.

3x. Use A-Frame Signs to Inform Passers-By of Daily Specials

Restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques have used these portable signs for years to advertise daily specials. Other businesses, too, should use these inexpensive signs to inform people about discounts, upcoming events, and promotions.

Top your A-frame sign with your permanent logo, but leave the rest of the sign blank so that the day’s specials or other information can be written on by hand with an erasable marker.

4x. Advertise Hours of Operation with Storefront Window Signage

While you never want to obstruct customers’ view of the business’s interior, it is not needed to inform customers about specific hours of operation. Many businesses list their hours of operation on the window on the main entry door. Customers usually head to the front door of a business once they’ve decided to investigate what it’s all about, so it makes sense to list the times when you’re open on the door.

Or, you could always post times of operation on the storefront window signage and have a double-sided “Closed” and “Open” sign on the door itself. Just make sure that the colors you use complement the logo and main signage.

5x. Create Attractive Personalized Window Stickers with Key Online Information

Storefront window signage in your main front window is an ideal way to post online contact information and phone number. With today’s technology, customers can take a picture of the posted information on their smartphone and look it up when they get home.

Personalized window stickers can display that information without blocking the view. If using cling window film as the base, just remove them when moving to a new location, or your contact information changes.

6x. Use Illumination to Highlight Signage After Dark

Backlit 3D channel letter signs or regular signs with fluorescent lighting within them are both elegant choices to display a company’s name and logo, but a spotlight can be used to illuminate ground-installed signage for a budget-friendly, yet tasteful way to call attention to your brand.

Of course, a spotlight won’t work on personalized window stickers or other storefront window signage because the window will reflect the light itself. Instead, use indirect lighting to create enough glow that people walking by can see the information without straining their eyes.

7x. Make Sure That Signs Are Easy to Read

Remember that people will be walking or driving past the sign, so use easy-to-read lettering that people can read it in a split second. Cursive fonts or cutesy letters are hard to read, even though you might think they reflect the brand image.

Don’t crowd the text and images. When it comes to reading, less is more. While testing sign designs, stand back from the distance that customers will see the sign and test it in various lighting conditions before settling on a final design.

8x. Tell People What The Business Does

Unless you’re a franchise of a major brand, include what you sell somewhere in the signage – probably the main sign. Along with the logo and name, write a short, attractive description that differentiates you from competitors.

For example, if selling high-end shoes, simply include “Designer Shoes” just below the name in smaller print. Or, if you’re a software company, put “Effective Software Solutions for Your Business” below the brand name.

9. Choose a Sign that Fits The Budget

A sign is only as effective as its ROI. If we are just talking about personalized window stickers, they probably won’t break the budget.

But if creating a startup and considering a pricey monument sign, you might want to reconsider until the business has produced enough profit to make the investment viable. Concentrate on branding the business with proper logo and signage design, and then upgrade the sign when it is more affordable.

10. Choose the Right Size Sign

Choosing the right size can be tricky. A printer can help to choose a size that will work in any specific setting.

Knowing how close your building is to the street or sidewalk and what you want the sign to say can give the printer a good idea about what size to make it. Providing this information can help the printer suggest the best sign size for any specific situation.

To learn more about how to design signage that will help generate more revenue without breaking the budget, the design team at Nova Custom Printing can help. Contact us today to get started.

We have worked together on a number of projects over the years. They are very trustworthy, reliable and easy to work with. You cannot go wrong with Nova. I highly recommend them!

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September 21, 2023

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July 31, 2023

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