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Need Custom Decals, Vinyl Sticker Printing, Bumper Stickers, Or Durable Equipment Stickers For Outdoor Use Or To Withstand Oils Or Moisture?

Our custom vinyl stickers and decals are perfect for these uses, including window decals and door decals for application on glass or walls.

Need window clings? Stickers diecut into unique shapes? Nova’s decals and stickers are printed and cut from high quality adhesive vinyl. With the quality we offer, this means our clients end up with durable outdoor labels that satisfy when it comes to both the quality, the speed of production and the pricing. And speaking of pricing…

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We previously offered 24 hour sticker printing, but now, our labels and stickers can be printed for pickup within hours!

Wall, Door and Window Decals For Store Signage or Events

One of the most popular items we sell is cut out lettering on vinyl material. These are more commonly known as decals.

Ideal for retail stores, art galleries, or for set up at events, the advantage to decals is that the letters and/or logos are seamless against glass, floors or walls. They can be removed using removable adhesive or can durably last for years with permanent adhesive. These are made out of rugged vinyl, so they can be walked on, or otherwise touched without damage.

Decal Printing Details

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How do they work? On glass walls, doors or windows, words, numbers or logos are made from vinyl. They are cut out and supplied on transfer paper for placing either inside or outside the glass.

If adhered from inside the glass, the adhesive is on the front of the decal. If placed outside the glass, the adhesive is on the back.

This is always important to know because we need to prepare the adhesive for either going on the front or the back of the decal.

As mentioned above, the decal comes on transfer paper which would then be peeled off after applying to the surface and pressing down, leaving the decal imprinted on the glass.

These decals usually contain store information like business hours or logos. We can print these in any color, at any size, and install them as well.

If the decal needs to be removed after a certain amount of time, removable adhesive would be ordered, so they can be removed without leaving any residue. The longer they remain on the surface though, the more permanent that adhesive becomes. So if the application is for short-term use, don’t forget to remove it!

Window Clings

Yes, we also print window clings. The advantage to window clings is that they are easily removed, and reapplied. They stick to any non-porous surface through suction by applying them to the surface using pressure. That also includes plastics and metals, as well as glass.

It is recommended that they be applied indoors, on the inside of a window. Otherwise the weather outside will affect the adhesion of the material. They can be applied outside, however heat, cold and moisture can affect how long they last.

Bumper Sticker Printing

bumper stickersDo people still print these? Yes, popular since the 1930s, they are still hot items even though we have gone from the 20th to the 21st century! People still want to let others know what they believe in, or use for safety purposes. “Baby on board” for example. Political custom vinyl bumper stickers are still in fashion, as well as fans supporting their favorite sports teams, whether they be little league or major-league.

As advertising, it’s still amazing what a well-designed bumper sticker can do for a small or large business, considering that it will be seen all around the nation.

We print full-color on high-grade vinyl sticker material that is made to last outdoors for years. They cannot be torn, and withstand cold and/hot weather. We also print clear stickers and door or window decals for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention all the other uses for bumper sticker printing. They are certainly not just for bumpers.

These promotional stickers are perfect for handing out at events to promote a product or the event itself. They can be stuck around town, not only on vehicles but on walls, doors, windows, and anywhere outdoors where stickers need to last. Indoors they can be placed on laptops, phones, walls, electronics, suitcases and baggage. There are so many possible uses, we’d be here all day listing them!


Why buy from Nova?

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Our custom decals and stickers can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface. Apply them to:

  • cars
  • bikes
  • trucks
  • motorcycles
  • scooters
  • laptops
  • equipment
  • walls
  • products

Or use them as:

  • window decals
  • wall decals
  • helmet decals
  • car decals
  • truck decals
  • vehicle graphics
  • boat decals
  • boat graphics
  • windshield decals

Vinyl Sticker Printing Possibilities Are Endless…

  • Custom vinyl decals and vinyl stickers for long-term outdoor use (won’t tear).
  • Full color sticker / decal printing on 3.5 gauge polymeric PVC with a matte acrylic top coating for outdoor use.
  • Bumper sticker printing in all sizes and shapes- even custom shaped to a company logo!
  • All highest quality custom stickers and decals at great rates in as fast as 24 hours!

At Nova, we offer all sizes, shapes, and colors on both our paper and vinyl sticker printing options.

By the way, We don’t offer automated price quotes on our website by design, because unlike other online printers, each client is not given a number. We treat our clients as individuals. We are well known for our high quality work, not assembly line print work that looks like it came off of an assembly line, because we place a high value on making our clients work stand out, to get noticed!

Equipment Stickers

If you need custom vinyl bumper stickers or equipment stickers for machinery, we have you covered. Vinyl stickers for equipment can be used both in and outdoors. They can be placed on tools or on air conditioning and heating units. Additionally, common uses for custom vinyl decals include placing them on sporting equipment, on land vehicles, or boats.

They are appropriate for industrial use and personalized equipment name plates. We print them in any size, shape or configuration of colors.

Some of our long time decal printing clients are in the construction business, heating and cooling business, equipment rental business and car dealership businesses. You may also want to visit our labels for retail page.


Who orders from Nova?

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    review rating 5  I gave Nova the details of my order and asked if it was possible to print everything in less than 24 hours. To my surprise, Michael said yes, and was polite and helpful the entire way through. Despite the time constraint, the stickers we requested turned out better than I ever expected! They were very high quality, and very reasonably priced considering the 1 day deadline. I've used a couple printing places in the past, but Nova is by far the best. I am without a doubt only using them from now on! Thanks Michael, and thank you to everyone else who I didn't speak to who worked hard to get this done!

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