Custom Sticker Printing for Theater and Dance Companies

custom sticker printing for theater and dance

As dance or theater productions are showcases of talent and creativity, promoting them in a novel and creative way is a welcome idea. One good way to do this is to give something back to benefactors and fans with a small token of appreciation. Printing custom stickers are a low effort, low maintenance, and most importantly, a low cost way to increase productions’ visibility in the community performed in. Through a well thought-out merchandising and marketing campaign, it’s possible to boost box office figures.

Breathing New Life to Old Designs through Custom Sticker Printing

If the theater company or dance troupe already has a website with an eye-catching banner, it is possible to use this to create a digital file for bumper sticker printing. Giving the banner design new life and mobility by allowing it to be seen all over the city is the best way to spread the message. Definitely, it will be a lot cheaper to print a bunch of promotional stickers than putting up and renting billboards. While these billboards are stationary, the stickers can reach every nook and cranny of the city. Imagine a potential audience being able to memorize the site URL or next playbill or show as the information is conveniently posted on the vehicle in front of them while stuck in traffic.

If already using a familiar logo to advertise the productions, try working on a similar format. Print stickers in various sizes and shapes. They are versatile and undoubtedly affordable. A good example is printing custom vinyl stickers. These are UV-resistant and waterproof so anyone can post them even outdoors. These stickers are also extremely durable and can last for years.

Creating New Custom Sticker Printing Designs

If there is no particular design in mind yet, be creative. After all, that is your business. Come up with something that will clearly relate to an upcoming show or event. This will also present a great opportunity to get the entire community involved, while at the same time create buzz and generate publicity. Hold a contest where people can vote for the custom sticker printing design they like or even suggest their own. They can do this by logging in to the website or through a dropbox located in the theater.

One good thing about printing promotional stickers is that it can be done in small print runs, making it economical. There is no limit to its versatility there is a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes that will fit any space and budget. Well-made ones can even turn into a collector’s item that fans can collect and keep long after the show’s run.

Change Can Be a Good Thing

In these difficult economic times, promoting dance or theater productions can be an arduous task. However, by putting in a little effort and thinking out of the box can produce big returns for a small investment. Custom made stickers may be the answer to publicity needs as it can reach a wide market in a relatively short period of time.

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