Custom Label Printing For Non-Profits

custom printed labelsIt is not only businesses that need custom label printing; charities and non-profit organizations need it too for promotion, exposure, or recognition. As much as possible, charities and non-profits also need to get the word out about their activities in order to attract sponsors, donators or supporters. Charitable organizations operate only by means of donations and contributions so they need all the exposure they can get to get more people to help.


Custom Printed Labels to Establish the Organization’s Identity


Custom labels in print are an effective way to make people become more familiar about a business, or in this sense, a non-profit.


Non-profits can hire the services of a custom logo design and printing company to create a “name” for their group. The concern here though is that this could cost money and charities don’t have a lot of it. On the other hand, there are still good logo and printing businesses that also cater to the needs of non-profit clients. They offer the most inexpensive quotes for non-profits while still providing quality products and services.


How Non-profits Can Save with Custom Printed Labels


One good thing about some printed custom label businesses is that they offer to their customers the option to create their own logo design so they can save a bit more money. Non-profits then can ask a generous volunteer to design their logo for free and have it printed later on by professionals. (The only cost left to pay is the price for printing. Zero money is spent on the logo or label design). The design though needs to be in a file format so it can be submitted to the printing company. Thus, the design needs to be created using Photoshop or other similar programs instead of being hand-drawn and then scanned. It must also be saved as a .pdf or .jpg file. To get the best printing quality, the design needs to be saved as a high-resolution file at 300 dpi.


Why Hire a Professional Custom Printing Service?


For non-profits to be able to save some money on their labels, they could print these labels out themselves but the quality would not be just as good. Just as wrote in this blog about label printing for schools and universities, and labels for political campaigns, non-profit charities need to start distributing bumper stickers to get more people to become familiar with their organization. Bumper stickers cannot be printed by regular printers since bumper stickers need to be made with a special ink to make it last and not fade regardless of any climate.


Mailing labels and event labels need to be printed in bulk so it would be much more practical to hire a professional to do this job. The good thing is that the charity can choose the size and colors for their labels to save money. Smaller and single color labels cost much less.


The idea behind custom printed labels for charities and non-profits is to get the word out about their organization by making their labels 1) visible everywhere and 2) handing it out to the most number of people. This must be done in the most inexpensive way because the goal is to get more money or donations for the non-profit, instead of spending lots of money on the labels.


I reached out to Nova for client work for my company. I needed a quick solution to achieve professional, quality gold stickers in a tight timeline. Michael was prompt in his communications, provided pictures of samples so I knew what to expect of the material, and delivered on time. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to anyone looking for a great label printer in NYC.

thumb Aisha Lopez
February 11, 2023

I recommend Nova highly for their prompt professional responses to my request to produce my new CD. Price was right and the final product was produced quickly and as requested. Patriot All-Stars

thumb Susan Sabatine
December 13, 2022

I recommend Nova highly for their prompt professional responses to my request to produce my new CD. Price was right and the final product was produced quickly and as requested.Patriot All-Stars

thumb Susan Sabatine
November 22, 2022
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