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Custom Label Printing At Retail

Custom Label PrintingThe saying goes that you can’t judge a book by its cover, yet that’s exactly what the vast majority of people will do when they are out shopping. People are immediately drawn to a label that is bright, well-designed, and includes elements that make it stand out from the crowd. If someone should believe that big businesses don’t put a lot of stock into the design of those labels, then that someone would be wrong, as they are well aware of what it is that customers want to see. Those same rules should apply to small businesses, and while they certainly won’t have the budget of the big boys, they still have to look at custom label printing as a huge part of their marketing campaign.

The average consumer will look at a label on a product, and will very quickly decide on whether or not it is a quality item based solely on that single look. It could be a small business that makes a product that is superior in every way to competitors, but if that label doesn’t match what’s inside, then anyone would have a difficult time selling that item. To get a true feel for the importance of custom label printing, imagine if every item on the shelves of the local supermarket had no label; how would anyone know what to choose?

Having custom printed labels that stand out is just the first part of the equation, as that is what will get the customer interested in your product. It’s also of the utmost importance that custom printed labels also contain valuable information about what’s inside, as it is that info that could actually be the thing that makes the customer make a final decision. There has to be a perfect balance between design and information, and when both of those are great, chances are there will be success.

Many small businesses work on a tight budget, which means that the items that they produce are done in relatively small quantities, with all the packaging and labeling done by the handful of employees that work for the company. In that case, they may opt to go with a sticker type of label that they can quickly and effectively place on the product themselves. That doesn’t mean that the design quality should be thrown out the window, and they put forth the same level of effort as they would when designing a larger label.

A cost effective way to do this is to go with a custom label printing service that can put those stickers on a rolls in small quantities, and that flexibility will allow adjustment as a business grows. Look for a custom label printing company that can make the job easy, by working within your budget and time frames, so that you can focus on running your business, while looking at setting up the label or sticker order whenever your busy schedule allows.

Not good with design? No problem, custom label printing does not have to be a major exercise in frustration. Custom label printing companies do design as well as printing, so everything can be done through one vendor. Look for an all-in-one solution, and save time and extra costs. Just make sure the company has been around for a few years, because it is important to make sure that this order is in good hands.

I've worked with them twice now for specialty labels and am extremely happy with their level of service and quality. Both times, I was able to pick up in Manhattan and get my prints on-time for my events. Would recommend Michael and the team at Nova to a friend.

Lamar Letts Avatar Lamar Letts
November 21, 2023

We needed a last-minute label for one of our new products, so the turnaround time was quite tight. Nevertheless, Nova Custom Printing did their best to deliver our 500 labels right on time, ensuring the best quality! Michael, the owner of Nova Custom Printing, worked closely with us to ensure everything met our standards. It's definitely my go-to spot for commercial prints when I'm in need. Thank you so much!

Phuong Vo Avatar Phuong Vo
November 16, 2023

Worked with Michael! He was quick to respond and I was on a very tight turn around! He was able to help! Labels came out great and exactly what I ordered.

Neil Ford Avatar Neil Ford
October 30, 2023