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Custom Label Printing: A Case Study

tick tock custom label printing Dr. Susan Eisen came to us several months ago to print custom labels for her new TICK TOCK Naturals Organic Insect Repellent. As clients of Dr. Eisen’s healthcare practice, we knew she would expect only the highest quality custom label printing, and so we got to work on creating a custom job for her that would fit the specifications of this unique product.

Most insect repellents that are store bought contain chemicals, sometimes harmful chemicals, but this product is all-natural, and works.

There are many diseases that are carried by mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects…infections that can co-inhabit in its human host simultaneously making it very difficult to cure these infections. Diseases including the West Nile Virus and Lyme disease are perhaps the best well-known, but there are others as well. The best defense against these diseases is to prevent getting bitten in the first place. And Tick Tock does a great job of keeping the insect wolves at bay…:)

Dr. Eisen needed two sizes for custom label printing — a 2.5×5.75″ label for the 4 oz. size product and a 2.5×4.5″ label for the 2.5 oz. travel size product and was a bit concerned about getting all her needs met. The challenge here was maintaining a natural look with the full color labels but still offer protection against oils and moisture, so the labels would last regardless of exposure to its ingredients Lemongrass oil, Eugenol and Grape seed oil.

We agreed that a matte label with a special matte varnish would be the way to go, because a glossy look would go against the feel of an organic, all-natural product such as this. While a standard, gloss varnish would work just as well, the matte varnish would offer protection without the usual “shine” that comes with a standard varnish.

tick tock custom printed labelsWe were able to print and ship the custom printed labels to Dr. Eisen, who received it on schedule for a promotional event she had scheduled in advance. From what we hear the products are selling well and are a bit hit already. This summer, people will be able to come home bite-free, and won’t that be a relief!

If you need custom label printing for your product, please feel free to email or call for a custom quote.

You can visit Tick Tock Naturals website at

I've worked with them twice now for specialty labels and am extremely happy with their level of service and quality. Both times, I was able to pick up in Manhattan and get my prints on-time for my events. Would recommend Michael and the team at Nova to a friend.

Lamar Letts Avatar Lamar Letts
November 21, 2023

We needed a last-minute label for one of our new products, so the turnaround time was quite tight. Nevertheless, Nova Custom Printing did their best to deliver our 500 labels right on time, ensuring the best quality! Michael, the owner of Nova Custom Printing, worked closely with us to ensure everything met our standards. It's definitely my go-to spot for commercial prints when I'm in need. Thank you so much!

Phuong Vo Avatar Phuong Vo
November 16, 2023

Worked with Michael! He was quick to respond and I was on a very tight turn around! He was able to help! Labels came out great and exactly what I ordered.

Neil Ford Avatar Neil Ford
October 30, 2023