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Custom Flexible Packaging

Custom flexible packaging

What is Flexible Packaging? By definition, custom flexible packaging is a custom-made package that can change its shape. Packaging materials may include combinations of film, foil, metallic or coated paper, or plastic. They also might just be made of one of those materials.

For food packaging, as opposed to boxes or bottles, they might be different types of pouches, bags, shrink sleeves, film wrap, over-wrap liners or flexible lids.

It’s possibly the fastest growing trend in the packaging industry. Why? Because traditional packaging often uses more material which ends up costing more money for food manufacturers. Packaging that is flexible allows manufacturers to not only save money in transportation and sourcing, but also cause less environmental pollution which contributes to sustainability. Less carbon footprint!

A case study by the Flexible Packaging Association compared cookies in a flexible pouch versus a rigid clamshell. They found that packaging that is flexible resulted in using 87% less coal or 64% less crude oil than rigid packaging; 79% reduced CO2 emissions during manufacturing; and 69% lower solid waste into landfills.

Additionally, the size of pouch packaging takes up less space, letting more packages per load fill up the trucks that transport them. This ends up saving fuel and producing less emissions. It uses up less natural resources. During transportation and storage, this type of packaging is much more durable and less likely to be damaged.

Here are just some of the advantages of custom flexible packaging:

  • Light weight
  • Durability
  • Resealable
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Easy to store
  • Increases shelf life
  • Top to bottom full package print ability
  • Unique eye-catching product appearance and impact resulting in more effective branding

Pouch Packaging

pouch packaging

Have your brand be a part of this growing trend in packaging with options of flat, gusseted or custom stand up pouches.

Flexible gusseted pouches have indents on both sides of the pouch with a square or rectangular base. The tops of the flexible pouches come together and are folded to an area which is sealed with glue. It remains sealed until a customer opens the pouch. Once the seal is broken, two tabs come out of the top of the pouch, which can then be folded down, to reseal the pouch. This is becoming a popular type of packaging for coffee for instance.

For powder, liquid or solid product, both custom printed stand up pouches and custom flat pouches offer longer lasting freshness due to reseal ability of the package, and barrier films prevent moisture and oxygen from getting into the pouch packaging.

All of these pouches can be printed with either a gloss or matte finish, and can even be furnished with a spout for liquid or powder products.

Food stays fresh for longer because of food grade laminates. They save your company money in freight, and save shelf space, so more packaging can be placed on the shelf.

Compared with traditional bag-in-a-box cartons, containers or cans use up to 75% more material than environmentally friendly pouches.

Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches

Digital printed stand up pouches

Perfect for snacks, pet food, frozen foods, household products and more, the bottom gusset expands when filled, and stands on its own, with tear notches to easily open and reseal the pouch. It is designed for strength, reinforced with sealed sides for bulk storage on shelves.

Digital printed stand up pouches for food packaging or liquids or powders can be manufactured in a variety of materials in either clear or solid colors. One side can be clear and the other side a solid color so that customers can see your product. Whether an eye-catching glossy or classic matte finish is required,

Options include tear notches, re-closable zippers, degassing valves, and hang holes to allow for product to be displayed on a hook.

Custom Flat Pouches

custom flat pouchesAll the same options above are available as custom printed flat pouches. The only difference being that custom printed stand up pouches have a gusset whereas flat pouches do not. Custom flat pouches are designed to lay flat, generally to hold smaller items like seeds, spices, nuts, candies, snacks or even powders and lotions. Again, the zipper lock on the pouches keeps products fresh.

So how can you choose which option is right for you? We wrote an article on how to choose custom food packaging for a business that should help.

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I've worked with them twice now for specialty labels and am extremely happy with their level of service and quality. Both times, I was able to pick up in Manhattan and get my prints on-time for my events. Would recommend Michael and the team at Nova to a friend.

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November 21, 2023

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