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How to Brand Custom Candle Labels for Jars, Votives, & Tins

custom candle labelsThere’s nothing like the glow of a custom candle to set the mood in a room. But to get that candle to a customer’s home is another story. How does a candle maker brand custom candle labels for jars, votives, and tins?

Custom labels for candles need to do two things: call attention to the brand and define what’s inside. Here’s how to do both on a single label.

Custom Labels for Candles Need to Stand out and Define the Brand

Candlemakers need to create custom labels for candles that stand out among the others on the shelf. In fact, candle labels must stamp the candlemaker’s brand onto the candle so definitively that the branding sticks out in the customers’ minds. That way, customers will remember the brand the next time they shop.

Keeping customers, after all, is more important than finding new ones. After all, with only a five percent boost in customer retention, a company can raise its revenue by at least 25 percent – and even as much as 95 percent, according to a HubSpot guide.

Making sure that your brand logo and name stands out from the container, whether it’s a box for votives or a label for a stand-alone tin or jar, is essential to branding success. To do that, make sure that your logo and name feature prominently on all labels even as they blend seamlessly with the rest of the label.

Candle Jar Labels Should Also Reflect the Character of the Candle Inside

Just like labels for juice, wine, or other products whose primary appeal is to the senses, candle jar labels need to give customers a foretaste of what’s inside.

Does the candle inside radiate a warm vanilla scent, or does it give off a whiff of peppermint for the holidays? Is it a special candle for weddings, or is it a seasonal favorite, like a pumpkin spice-scented candle for fall?

If the candlemaker doesn’t have a design team, his or her company can ask the label company’s design team to create distinctive designs for each scent. For instance, a sketch of a pumpkin surrounded by fall leaves and spices can get the irresistible message across that having that candle in their home can give their room the same smell as a pumpkin latte – and keep it smelling that way for months to come.

Use Labels for Candle Jars That Allow Customers to See the Candle’s Color

One of the most intriguing aspects of candles is the pop of color they bring to a room. Partially clear labels for candle jars allow customers to see the color of the candle inside the jar while still showcasing the brand and the scent.

In the opaque part of the label, the company logo and an image that conjures up the scent of the candle can go. In the clear part, the color of the candle can shine through so that customers can coordinate the candle with the color of the rooms they plan to display them in.

When candlemakers design labels for candle jars, realize that most customers won’t peel off the label before they use the candle. Make sure that the label is attractive enough for display.

Unlike votives and tins, candles in jars stay within their original containers. Again, the label maker you choose should have a design team that can help you design special labels for candle jars that would look good in any setting.

Labels for uniquely shaped candles should blend in with the design

Not all candles are cylindrical or slim tapers. Many manufacturers design figural candles, such as the ubiquitous Santa, Christmas tree, and reindeer candles seen around the holidays. Custom labels for candles such as these should showcase the shape of the candle. Although the company logo should be visible, allow the design of the candle to be the star of the show.

Consider adding gift tags to create a convenient, easy gifting option

Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, the holidays, a wedding, or Valentine’s Day, a candle – or a whole set of candles – makes a perfect gift. Before these special days, customers wander through stores, looking for elegant, yet convenient gifts for their loved ones and friends.

Tie on an attractive gift tag to your stand-alone candles or attach one to an attractive box of candles. Customers who are strapped for time will appreciate the thoughtfulness of having a ready-made gift that only needs you to write the recipient’s name on the tag.

Candle jar labels that are easy to remove give gift-givers the option of removing all traces of commercialism from the gift. A gift tag with a smaller version of the company logo will be a welcome addition since it allows the recipient to see who made the candle, should he or she want more candles like them.

Have an intriguing brand story? Incorporate it into the labeling

When there is a compelling brand story behind the candle maker’s business, it helps to bring it out in the candle jar labels. For instance, if the brand has existed since the Civil War – use a Victorian theme to draw in customers who want candles from the same factory that Abraham Lincoln bought his from.

Or, if the company had its genesis in the late 1960s hippie movement, incorporate some “flower power” or commune-worthy art into the label. If the candles are hand-dipped, made from natural beeswax, or are made in the USA – anything that can differentiate the candles from their competitors – include those attributes on the label.

Don’t forget about the fire safety labels

In addition to the fun stuff, custom candle labels for jars, votives, and tins need to include fire safety rules since they are flammable items, even though they are primarily for decorative purposes.

Those rules include:

  • Burn within your sight
  • Keep away from combustible items
  • Keep out of the reach of children

On candle jars, votives, and tins, you can include those rules on a label that goes on the bottom of each candle. However, for tapers and other candles in a boxed collection, you’ll need to create an insert that goes inside the box, similar to those that small appliance manufacturers include.

With these tips, your custom candle labels for jars, votives, and tins, as well as your box labels for tapers, will showcase your candles, your brand, and provide all the information customers need to make an informed decision. To learn more about how to create labels that will put your candles in the spotlight, get in touch with the Nova Custom Printing team today.


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