Choosing A Reputable Custom Printed Labels Company

custom printed labels

We believe an educated client is the best client, so when a company is choosing a Custom Printed Labels company, beware of tricks played on unsuspecting customers. Read on for some things that are important to know.

First of all, many printers will quote and publicize turnaround times (the time it takes from order to completion) that don’t include the time to properly proof graphics and production materials prior to printing.

This is part of the “rope ’em in” strategy, where some competing printers just try to get you in, and then change the rules once you are playing with them…

Make sure the company that is chosen to print labels gives honest turnaround times IN WRITING! Otherwise, they are giving empty promises.

Legitimacy of Custom Printed Labels Companies

Excuse us for this rant…But it’s important…
Fly by night companies also disappear overnight.
It’s quite common in this industry to see companies
come and go. Many of them are starting up and don’t have
the experience to have the foresight to anticipate
and tackle a possible problem before it even occurs.
Instead they are scrambling around “putting out fires”,
covering up their errors… Some don’t have an office
number listed on their website, and some don’t even
have an office.

No wonder their prices are so low…
We are contacted by clients all the time,
telling us horror stories about a cheap printer they found
online, and the prices sounded too good to be true.

One story went like this: The client couldn’t get a hold of
the printer by phone or email for two days, and then when he
finally tracked them down, they had the audacity to insult
this client and tell him that he was “hassling” them. And
that wasn’t the end of it. He paid much more in stress than
in dollars.

Please make sure that the printer chosen
to work with has a reputable track record of at
least five years. Obviously, custom labels are important,
so make sure you put it in the hands of someone
who has the experience to make the process stress-free.

Doing The Run-around For Custom Printed Labels & More…

When there are many products needed to produce
(for instance; brand merchandising with t-shirts, hats,
brochures, posters, postcards, promotional
items) , the buyer generally has to hunt around
for these items individually, costing time and stress.

Choosing a label printing vendor who provides multiple services can often
help in project management. Look for a company that
will offer everything you need and will do the project
management…at no extra cost!

Note: This is something that Nova pioneered back in 1995,
offering all types of printing services and no-cost project
management from one source. We also found that clients were
able to save on individual orders by grouping them together.
If you feel that this service might help, Please feel
free to contact us for more information.

I reached out to Nova for client work for my company. I needed a quick solution to achieve professional, quality gold stickers in a tight timeline. Michael was prompt in his communications, provided pictures of samples so I knew what to expect of the material, and delivered on time. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to anyone looking for a great label printer in NYC.

thumb Aisha Lopez
February 11, 2023

I recommend Nova highly for their prompt professional responses to my request to produce my new CD. Price was right and the final product was produced quickly and as requested. Patriot All-Stars

thumb Susan Sabatine
December 13, 2022

I recommend Nova highly for their prompt professional responses to my request to produce my new CD. Price was right and the final product was produced quickly and as requested.Patriot All-Stars

thumb Susan Sabatine
November 22, 2022
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