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Cover Up Labels: How to Fix Printing Errors on Packaging

A spelling mistake, updated nutritional information, an new logo—all of these changes don’t necessarily mean that product packaging has to be reprinted. Luckily, there is a cost-effective and easy alternative. Custom cover up labels, otherwise known as block out labels save businesses time and money by helping them  avoid costly reprinting or repackaging. What Are … Read more

Top Marketing Company In NY Uses Custom Made Stickers

Ad Agencies in New York City Increase Brand Awareness Game 7 Marketing is not a traditional marketing agency. Instead, this digital marketing firm describes itself as an “experience design shop” rooted in sport, entertainment, and culture. Game 7 creates, develops, and executes innovative experiences that drive customer interest in their client’s brands. These brands include … Read more

Developing an Elevator Pitch for A Small Business

You’re at a networking event and just met someone who could help your small business. You know who they are, but they don’t know anything about you. After exchanging a few pleasantries, they ask “What do you do?” Do you have an answer ready? If the answer is “no,” then an elevator pitch is needed! … Read more

Why Readability Matters to Product Labeling

Driving through the back roads of Ohio right before the election, we saw a yard sign. Done in a true-blue background with white lettering, it was the perfect foil for the oranges, golds, and browns in the mid-autumn woods and fields that surrounded it. One thing went missing, though. The candidate’s name. Since we’re in … Read more

6 Tips for Managing Small Business Online Reviews

If you think online reviews don’t affect your business, think again. A 2017 BrightLocal survey on local consumer reviews revealed that: 73% of consumers have increased trust in a local business after reading positive reviews. 49% of consumers require at least a four-star rating before they’ll use a business. 30% said that companies should respond … Read more