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How to Make Labeling and Packaging Align with Your Brand

What makes a given brand stand out? Mention the name Coke, and you immediately think of the smooth, raisin-y, vanilla-forward beverage that pairs with nearly every casual meal you can think of. You can see that red-and-white label in your mind’s eye—encircling a can of ice-cold Coke—and you crave it.   Coke, according to an … Read more

4 Insider Tips to Help Market a New Online Business

New online businesses can be a bit tricky to market unless you know a few insider tips. After all, owners can’t just put an inflatable waving tube man in front of their computers. Unless, of course they prop their computer up on their lap as they sit on the street in front of their home … Read more

How to Leverage Bumper Stickers in a Digital World

They boomed as did the boomers of the Me Generation—in the 1970s. Whether expressing one’s preference for one candidate over another or as a “Honk if you love (insert your favorite band, faith preference, or alas—another political candidate),” these ubiquitous stickers remain as a relic of that era.   People still slap them on their … Read more

How To Market A Tech Startup

Have a Tech Startup? Here’s How to Market It   Though it may seem like everyone has hopped on the tech bandwagon, it’s not a given that the world will flock to the latest startup. In fact, the market has become so glutted—with everyone competing for customers’ attention with enough apps to crash even mega-memory … Read more

Know Where Customers Are in Their Buyer’s Journey: Awareness

This is part one of a three-phase series on what marketers call “the buyer’s journey.” It’s a great way to market to people at various stages of the buying process… What is the buyer’s journey?   Marketers talk a lot about what they call “the buyer’s journey”—the steps most people go through when they research … Read more

3 Marketing Tips that Level the Playing Field for Startups

Startups and small businesses can have a tough go of it. In fact, to compete with larger, more established businesses, many governments worldwide have created agencies to help level the playing field. One such agency—this one from Western Australia—has listed eight steps that small businesses and startups can take to help get the word about … Read more