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How to Design Labels that Maximize Sales

In the second decade of the 21st century, labels must not only function, but they must dazzle on social media, cut through all the shelf space noise, and provide an easy way to track the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. To ensure that a label boosts its brand’s return on investment (ROI), its … Read more

How Customized Wine Labels Design Determines Sales

Wine bottle label design is one of the most important factors determining how consumers choose wines. Research indicates that 71% of U.S. wine consumers select a wine based on its label. Also, most wine advertising happens “on the shelf” rather than via traditional advertising methods, such as television commercials or magazine ads. With almost 9,000 … Read more

Why Readability Matters to Product Labeling

Driving through the back roads of Ohio right before the election, we saw a yard sign. Done in a true-blue background with white lettering, it was the perfect foil for the oranges, golds, and browns in the mid-autumn woods and fields that surrounded it. One thing went missing, though. The candidate’s name. Since we’re in … Read more

Start Promoting Products Early This Holiday Season

“It’s not even a week past Labor Day, and you want me to think about marketing my business for the holiday season?”   That’s what you screamed back at that marketing guru you usually enjoy listening to, as his YouTube marketing video blared on, Santa Clauses in the background, along with twinkling lights and a … Read more

Make an Impression at Trade Shows for Memorable Marketing

Trade shows give businesses a chance to not only show off their wares, but also to make a lasting impression that results in boosted sales. Unlike a company’s website or social media presence, trade shows give potential customers a chance to interact one-on-one with company representatives. Here are some tips to help your company make … Read more

How to Make Labeling and Packaging Align with Your Brand

What makes a given brand stand out? Mention the name Coke, and you immediately think of the smooth, raisin-y, vanilla-forward beverage that pairs with nearly every casual meal you can think of. You can see that red-and-white label in your mind’s eye—encircling a can of ice-cold Coke—and you crave it.   Coke, according to an … Read more