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Bumper Sticker Printing For Schools

Bumper Sticker PrintingWhether it be for elementary, high school, or college, bumper sticker printing for schools is a simple and cost-effective way to spread awareness of an institution or raise money. Countless schools at every level choose custom bumper sticker printing each year. Parents, students, and alumni love nothing more than to emblazon their vehicle with their alma mater’s colors. Having these decals printed, however, is a much more varied process than one might imagine. Although simple and affordable, there are more bumper sticker printing options than ever before, with more than enough to suit the most exacting needs.

It is important to consider and how and where a logo will be used when beginning the process of bumper sticker printing. Obviously, bumper stickers will primarily be used on vehicle exteriors and need a certain degree of durability to maintain their shine over the long-term. That being said, vinyl is an excellent material to choose for bumper sticker printing. Vinyl is a thick and durable material that won’t tear and is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Bumper sticker printing on vinyl is a great way to ensure that a product will retain its new look for years, regardless of the conditions it is subjected to.

For the utmost in bumper sticker printing, consider white backing or sunscreen lamination. Although vinyl is able to stand up to mechanical wear, it is still vital to have bumper stickers printed with high quality inks that won’t quickly fade and lose their luster. White backing is a special bumper sticker printing technique that applies a layer of white ink just below the primary design. This gives the colors an added degree of depth and richness and minimizes transparency which can give stickers a faded look. Fade resistant inks and sunscreen lamination are other bumper sticker printing possibilities. These techniques will ensure that a sticker’s colors will remain intact for longer periods of time. You can also choose between different types of back peeling. Backslit consists of a single vertical slit on the back of the sticker that makes for easy peeling. Bend and peel is another popular bumper sticker printing option and is frequently used with bleeding designs. In this type of peel, the backing comes off entirely in one piece.

Customization in bumper sticker printing is more diverse than ever before. Almost every color combination imaginable can be created, and different shapes can be cut depending on the need. The standard rectangle is always popular, but many schools choose to go with ovals, circles, or any number of different shapes. This capability creates many bumper sticker printing possibilities, as less common shapes can give stickers a unique look that is instantly recognizable.

Bumper sticker printing for schools is an easy way to spread a message or give loyal followers a means to express their devotion. They also make excellent fund raising items, as bulk bumper sticker printing is relatively affordable, and they can be sold as single units at a significant markup. With all the customization options available, anyone can design the perfect bumper sticker for a school.

We have worked together on a number of projects over the years. They are very trustworthy, reliable and easy to work with. You cannot go wrong with Nova. I highly recommend them!

Mykola Yaremko Avatar Mykola Yaremko
September 21, 2023

Nova printing was great! They turned around a last minute sticker need and they turned out really well. Thanks team!

Molly Ross Avatar Molly Ross
July 31, 2023

Michael was a great help! I contacted at least 10 different businesses for a last-minute sticker request for a shoot. Got us our stickers on time even when other places said it would be impossible. They do great custom cuts on sticker sheets and have great quality prints at a reasonable price. Will be working with Nova again. Very satisfied!

Zain Mehmood Avatar Zain Mehmood
July 18, 2023
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