Bottle Label Printing

custom bottle labels

Custom Bottle Label Printing- for all shapes and sizes of bottles and beverages. On a daily basis, we print not only water bottle labels, but specialized custom bottle labels for all types of liquids and/or powdered products, whether they be standard sized or custom sized/shaped.

We also print labels for bottles of supplements and vitamins. oil bottles, and bottles for household products in all configurations.

We print digitally or flexographically (using plates). The advantage to digital printing is that plates are not needed, and therefore, turnaround is much faster. CMYK full color printing is also available for digital printing.

Labels for bottles are available provided on rolls, on sheets or one by one individual cut labels for promotional handouts or other use.

Since bottles are a curved surface, we use special materials that are flexible enough to bend according to the shape, which means we can serve labels for any type of bottle which is custom shaped. We also specialize in durable bottle label printing that can withstand refrigeration, oils, water, and if necessary, freezing.

Printing White Ink On Clear

Need clear labels with white ink? We can do that as well, offering several different options depending upon our client’s specifications. Please be aware that when printing white ink on clear, because of the light collabels for bottlesor, the ink will usually end up being somewhat transparent, unless several layers of white are laid down on the clear background, which will make the ink more opaque.

So we offer our clients several options:

  • One layer of white ink, which is somewhat transparent
  • Several layers of white ink, which creates more of an opaque look
  • White foil, which will give a fully opaque look to the white color on the bottle.

Depending on the type of design needed, one or the other might be preferable, but we offer all three options as possibilities for our clients to choose from.

We also manufacture labels for bottles of cosmetics and cleaning products where the materials are oil and moisture resistant, with extra strong tire adhesive if necessary. Adhesives can be super strong as with the aforementioned tire adhesive, standard (permanent),  repositionable or removable. In the latter case, where permanent adhesive is not wanted, removable or repositionable adhesive may be more appropriate.

Cover Up Labels

We also offer the option of cover up labels, where the adhesive on the back of the labels is colored in black. This allows for the cover-up label to literally cover up what is underneath it, in the situation of nutritional facts being incorrect, or other information that needs to be corrected. With a cover-up label, it is possible to seamlessly correct information which has been mislabeled originally. Cover-up labels come in matte or gloss options, with or without lamination and/or varnish.

We’ve had many instances where clients have come to us for the specific reason of covering up mislabeled products, and we’ve been able to rectify the situation with these specially designed cover-up labels. These types of labels have been created specifically for this type of use.

Water Bottle Labels

water bottle labelsNova produces labels for all types of businesses, as well as for events such as weddings, fundraisers,  trade shows, schools, churches, or hotels. We have over 24 years of printing and manufacturing experience, which means that we understand the challenges of creating labels that are unique (hence the term ” custom”). We specialize in color matching inks, selecting the right materials for each individual order, and meeting tough deadlines nationwide.

Clients contact us on a regular basis, asking us to create water bottle labels within 24 hours, and sometimes within several hours. We are able to do this and are well known for delivering the fastest labels in the industry. But that never means that we skimp on quality. Our quality is second to none as can be inferred from our client reviews on Google.

Labels For Bottles In Full Color Or Pantone Color Matching

Whether there is need for full-color image printing, specific color matching, or standard colors, all our part of our daily printing processes.

When color matching, we use the Pantone color system. If you do need specific color matching, please provide the Pantone color numbers for us to match.

It is also possible to print gold or silver metallic ink on bottle labels, again using Pantone colors.  Matte paper, gloss paper, film, polyester or vinyl are all possible options for custom bottle labels.

Also keep in mind that there are no limitations to the shape of the label. We can die-cut labels in any shape to be used on bottles – round, oval, square, rectangle are the basics, but labels can also be shaped around a specific logo to be placed on bottles.

Labels can be provided on rolls, on sheets, or individually cut. It’s also possible to create custom specifications where a certain amount of labels can be placed on a specific sized sheet or roll. The options are limitless.

Types Of Custom Bottle Labels We Print:
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Juice
  • Liquors
  • Oil
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Spice
  • Sauce

Read details on how to print food labels here


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