6 Tips for Starting a CBD Oil Business

Why should you consider starting a white label CBD oil business? Unless you’ve been out of touch with the rest of the world for a while, CBD oil has virtually revolutionized the natural healthcare and cosmetics industries. Chances are you’ve probably had more than a few conversations with your friends and colleagues about what CBD …

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Printing Compostable Labels and Biodegradable Stickers

  Today’s consumers have become more aware of the part they play in making our planet a cleaner place to work and play. If your company wants to attract their attention, printing compostable labels and biodegradable stickers makes a great start. To take full advantage of your move to a greener way of doing business, …

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Printing Eco-Friendly Stickers for Your Environmentally Conscious Brand

If your brand is trying to make the earth a cleaner, more sustainable place to live, your promotional materials need to reflect that commitment. Consider eco-friendly packaging, because printing eco-friendly stickers and product labels can be an affordable way to live out your values. Next time you place an order with your printer, ask whether …

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How to Improve Customer Retention

  Research shows that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one of your current customers. Additionally, when you increase your retention rate by a mere five percent, you can increase your profits from 25% to 95%. So, it’s well worth the time and money you invest in improving …

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Reusable Labels Versus Permanent Labels: What’s the Difference?

The holidays are over; you’ve taken down the decorations and put away the presents. Most of them – all except for that one with the label you can’t get off no matter what you try. That’s because the seller didn’t order reusable labels for her products. It’s frustrating – and you want to do better …

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Art Gallery Labels Made Easy

Whether you’re exhibiting your artworks for sale or in a public gallery to build awareness of your work, creating effective art gallery labels is essential for success. So, what goes into art gallery labels that help sell and promote your creations? Here are some tips to make the process easier for you and your team. …

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Custom Kiss-Cut Sticker Sheets: Not Just for Kids Anymore

If you’re not familiar with the printing business, you might think this post is a bit out of season. “Kiss-cut stickers? Isn’t that a better topic for a Valentine’s Day post?” you might ask. What Are Custom Kiss-Cut Sticker Sheets? Kiss-cut stickers aren’t the sticker version of the popular kiss emoji. The term “custom kiss-cut …

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How to Choose Custom Food Packaging Options

Custom food packaging options must satisfy two main functions: keeping the food safe inside and attracting customers to choose your products over your competitors’ offerings. As food packaging expert Debra Weiss points out, having better packaging than their competitors is one of the primary ways food manufacturers can drive sales. Take a Two-Pronged Approach to …

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How To Get a Barcode for a Product Label

While great product label design can certainly drive higher sales, there’s an not so glamorous side to labeling that is equally critical for your business. While barcodes on product labels aren’t exactly sexy, they can help you simplify several essential tasks that can also lead to higher sales in the long run. Learn why barcodes …

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Top 10 Design Tips for Effective Storefront Signs That Sell

Want to draw more customers into your business? Effective storefront signs can catch their eye and make them curious about the business. Here are ten quick tips that can make storefront signs stand out from those of all competitors. 1x. Display The Brand Logo Prominently On Signs Having an attractive and catchy brand logo that …

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