5 Innovative Ways to Market a Business with Custom Labels

market business custom printed labelsWant a low-cost way to put a business on a level field with the big players? Custom printed labels can set a company’s products apart from its competitors’ with their added cachet.


Let’s put it this way. A company might have done all the right things online and off to attract potential customers. Its SEO is on the mark. Glowing descriptions and photos? Check. But when the customer goes to the store and sees the label, s/he sees some generic castoff even thrift stores would reject.


1. Package the Product in Pure Class


Look at how major corporations package their products. Pepsi. Audi. Nike.


Each of these brands has a distinctive, attractive logo. Colors and designs that match the persona of their customers. For Pepsi, the bright, patriotic red, white, and blue in a youthful stripe with a little swirl to add motion. For Audi, the four circles in brilliant precision, echoing the desire of their customer for a well-engineered, precise car. And Nike—the swoosh characterizes the ball passing through the basket without a hitch. The perfect match. All with the professionalism that marks these companies as solid players.


With a professional graphic designer, even a startup company can do the same with its label. One doesn’t have to settle for those self-made ones the office crew does on the office computer.  Hint: When you hire a printer to do your labels, there’s usually a graphic designer on staff to create the perfect logo for your business.


2. Provide Information


If they’re on the fence, customers read the label for information that will help them make their decision. Whether it’s the product’s ingredients or its distinctive features, these details can give customers all they need to make the right decision for their needs.


3. Give Customers a Sense of Urgency


Those promotional bottles of dish detergent with the little peel-off labels? A customer may not need detergent, but if the bottle has one of those labels that read: “For a limited time only,” that customer will probably grab an extra bottle—just in case. If the product will only be offered for a limited time—such as holiday-themed merchandise or foods—customers will be more likely to buy them if the label creates that “use it or lose it” feeling.


4. Use Custom Labels to Get Products to Market Faster


With today’s automated distribution system, a product can speed through the logistics process more quickly with a custom label that contains a barcode or a scannable QR code. Add a SKU for each store that offers the product, and stores will be more likely to offer that product on their shelves.


Such labels are often mandatory if the product is perishable. Tracing foods and beverages back through the supply chain is an important aspect of American food safety protocols.

5. Use Professional-Grade Materials to Keep Labeling Intact


Shipping a product rarely is without incident. Jostling during transport, a few accidental dings during unloading—all to be expected. To keep your labels looking great, make sure you have top-quality materials and adhesives so your products will be as appealing on the shelf as they were when they left the facility.


With all these strategies in place, a company can leverage visual power to unleash its products on the world—even if it’s its first week in business.

I reached out to Nova for client work for my company. I needed a quick solution to achieve professional, quality gold stickers in a tight timeline. Michael was prompt in his communications, provided pictures of samples so I knew what to expect of the material, and delivered on time. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to anyone looking for a great label printer in NYC.

thumb Aisha Lopez
February 11, 2023

I recommend Nova highly for their prompt professional responses to my request to produce my new CD. Price was right and the final product was produced quickly and as requested. Patriot All-Stars

thumb Susan Sabatine
December 13, 2022

I recommend Nova highly for their prompt professional responses to my request to produce my new CD. Price was right and the final product was produced quickly and as requested.Patriot All-Stars

thumb Susan Sabatine
November 22, 2022
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