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custom vinyl stickersNeed Custom Vinyl Stickers, Vinyl Decals Or Bumper Stickers For Outdoor Use Or To Withstand Oils Or Moisture? Our custom vinyl stickers and custom vinyl decals are perfect for these uses.
Do you need window decals? Window clings? Custom Shaped Bumper Stickers? Nova’s custom vinyl stickers, custom vinyl decals, and bumper Stickers are printed and cut from high quality adhesive vinyl. With the quality we offer, this means you will end up with durable labels that you are sure to be satisfied with. Our vinyl stickers and decals can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface. Apply them as bumper stickers, window decals, wall decals, helmet decals, car decals, truck decals, vehicle graphics, boat decals, boat graphics, windshield decals and more.

The possibilities are endless…

*Custom vinyl decals, vinyl stickers and bumper stickers for long-term outdoor use (won’t tear).

*Full color printing on 3.5 gauge polymeric PVC with a matte acrylic top coating for outdoor use.

*Bumper stickers in all sizes and shapes- even custom shaped to your logo!

*All highest quality custom vinyl stickers and custom vinyl decals at great rates in as fast as 24 hours!

At Nova, we offer all sizes, shapes, and colors on both vinyl and paper stickers.


“Michael at Nova saved me by printing 10,000 stickers for my product in a day. The turnaround was fantastic, as was the customer service and final product.
I highly recommend Nova, especially when you need a true rush order.”

-J. Staff, Breathable Foods

“Nova was great! Prompt service, accommodating, and great looking
custom printed labels!”

-J. McLean, Loyola University Chicago

“Nova met our deadline, produced high quality work on short notice and were very easy and friendly to work with throughout the entire job.”
-D. Mendoza, Boothseal LLC

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Custom Vinyl Stickers | Custom Vinyl Decals | Bumper Sticker Printing.

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Our labels and stickers can be printed in as fast as 24 hours.

By the way, We don’t offer automated price quotes on our website, because unlike other printers, we don’t offer the same thing to everyone. We treat you like an individual. We only do high quality custom work, not cookie-cutter, run of the mill work that looks like everyone else, because we want your work to stand out, and get noticed!

Please take a look around our site and see how we are different.

Questions asked about our

Custom Vinyl Stickers, Custom Vinyl Decals And Bumper Sticker Printing


Are any of your customized stickers waterproof?

Our stickers are weather resistant. None of our catalog stocks are approved to be submerged in liquid. If waterproof labels are needed, please call for pricing or email

Can any of your labels be used outdoors?

Yes, our weather-resistant labels and bumper stickers are suitable for outdoor applications. They are created to be long lasting and can be used outdoors in any type of weather. These custom vinyl stickers and decals are weather resistant labels, printed with durable resistant inks and made especially for extended outdoor use. Great for so many uses: outdoor equipment, vehicles, heating units, tools, air conditioning, boats, sports equipment or really any outdoor application. Our premium weather resistant labels are supplied on rolls or as individually cut labels with tabs or with a crack and peel liner for easy removal and are perfect to hand out for for promotions and advertising. With great durability, these labels are made to take punishment!
What is a white backer?

White backer is an imprint of white ink applied directly behind your artwork. This helps makes your art look less transparent and preserves the color integrity on a clear label.

How fast do your inks fade?

Our inks are high quality. Depending on the conditions, inks last about 3 to 6 months. We do offer special fade resistant inks or a sunscreen lamination available through our quoting process; please call for pricing or
email us.


What is a floodcoat?

A floodcoat is covering the stock with an ink color to make the label appear to be a specific color that is not offered in our stock selection.
Will I receive more than (overrun) or less than (underrun) the quantity I order? Will I be charged for an overrun?

If you order a certain quantity of labels, we will produce and ship that quantity. If there are extra labels shipped with your order, we will not charge for the over run.

What if I need a less-than-minimum quantity?

Please contact for more information.


What is a backslit?

A backslit is a slit on the liner of a single, individual square cornered label for easy removal of the label.
What is a bend & peel tab?

A bend & peel tab is a small tab on one end of an individual single square cut label for easy removal of the label. Typically this is used on labels that bleed.
Do you carry water bottle labels?

Yes, we do carry water bottle labels and recommend using a film stock with a varnish to protect the inks. Our 4 Color Process labels automatically come with a varnish. For spot colors, the varnish counts as one ink.

What types of labels can you print?

We offer custom printed labels as laminated labels, weather resistant labels, electronic equipment labels, oil resistant labels, water resistant labels, laminated stickers, computer labels, stickers for equipment, weather resistant stickers, heat pump labels, property identification labels, foil stamped labels, indoor outdoor labels, outdoor stickers, labels for outdoors, labels for the weather, outdoor equipment labels, air conditioner labels, pipe labels, plastic pipe labels, product labels, stickers for plumbing equipment, equipment labels, and more… Please also see our Custom Label Printing and Custom Sticker Printing pages. Our Custom Vinyl Stickers,Custom Vinyl Decals, and Bumper Sticker Printing are only a sampling of the options we offer…